Building the Green

Worldbuilding” also known as “Thinking up a totally fake place for your story to take place in” has become a fairly common aspect of fiction writing.   It’s a thing.

There was no question–I knew I would have to invent some sort of original place for my creatures and my weirdo story to inhabit.  I wanted my people (the Pangols) to be intelligent but primitive and practical perhaps to a fault.  Therefor, I reasoned, their world should be a place that would not only reflect but actually facilitate and encourage these traits. 

But what sort of place could that be…?

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Primeval Beginnings

The genesis of a thing can be weird.  Sometimes where you end up is nowhere near where you might have imagined.

FAST FACT #1: My book has a name.  It is named “Broken Guardian” and that is its name.

Took me a while to write the darn thing, but hey… it’s done now and I’m feeling good.  Funny thing though, the earliest version of my weird concept of humanoid pangolins who stalked a great forest world whilst hunting gargantuan insects was never intended to be a novel at all.   After coming up with the initial concept in 2004, I fully intended my main protagonist Tangle to be the hero of a Playstation 2 (state of the art in 2004), third person action video game which I called “Primeval”.

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Internet is a fickle beast

I’m not sure why the starting is so difficult.

After writing an entire novel, you’d think some silly blog post would be easy-shmeasy. So why then does it feel like I’m standing on the high-dive for the first time–standing and staring down my certain and well-chlorinated doom some 2 million feet below??

Alright, you need to stow that negative stuff and stow it now. Stop procrastinating and JUMP. Here goes…

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