Cover Reveal: The Bone Eater King

I am proud to finally share in full, the cover art for my forthcoming Horror/Adventure book: THE BONE EATER KING: A PREDATOR WORLD TALE.

Artwork by your pal, Steve Van Samson

Alright, picture this.

Imagine waking up, in the middle of a sprawling Savannah, with blood on your hands and absolutely no idea where or who you were.

What the hell do you do first?

Written for adults and set wholly in Tanzania, THE BONE EATER KING is a fiercely unique dystopian/horror/adventure tale. The tense narrative unfolds moment by moment, all in a fictionalized, post Apocalyptic Africa, which is plagued by vampire-like creatures called the matsatsaku maza (“leech men”). The tale’s amnesiac protagonist finds himself thrust into a trial by fire, as he scrambles to rediscover not only who he is, but what sort of hell he has awoken to.

My characters are likewise African and include a strong female secondary lead who becomes the protagonist of the second, already completed novel (Marrow Dust).  The first book in the PREDATOR WORLD series, THE BONE EATER KING will be released on eBook via Kindle Direct Publishing on 8.21.17 and in Trade Paperback on 9.18.17

See you on launch day.


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