Cover Reveal: Marrow Dust

Now that The Bone Eater King has been out for a few weeks, I think the time is right to finally spotlight the cover art for my forthcoming book… MARROW DUST: A PREDATOR WORLD TALE.

Artwork by this guy —> Steve Van Samson

The World was gone. In its place was swirling chaos. A dimension of billowing dust and woe.

It has been twenty years since the world went red. Twenty years since every creature on planet Earth was forced to remove vampires from the categories of myth and fancy. But the thing that was once Mirhèla Nanji has more pressing things on her mind. The details are hazy, but Rè is no longer the woman she once was. Remembering is hard, but she manages to hold onto one thing. The only thing she needs.

The Host of the Crescent Sun has much to answer for.

Written for adults and set wholly on and around Kenya’s exotic Mount Elgon, MARROW DUST continues the story of THE BONE EATER KING, but with a new protagonist, Rè. As with the first book, the tense narrative unfolds moment by moment. The tale’s protagonist is a damaged but indomitable woman who sets off on an unlikely quest for the only thing she has left in the worldREVENGE.

“The damn leeches may be a flood, but the HCSthey are a cataclysm.”

MARROW DUST: A PREDATOR WORLD TALE will be released on eBook via Kindle Direct Publishing on 10.23.17 and in Trade Paperback soon after.

See you on launch day.


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