First of the Insectine Beasts

Here is where I will be adding all manner of of gigantic bugs for your viewing pleasure.  But these aren’t exactly BUGS, at least not as we know them.  “INSECTINE BEASTS” is the blanket term I use in my writing because these creatures are insect-LIKE.  They possess numerous similarities with the insects of our word, but they also share certain mammalian traits as well.

Fur is present in many cases, but that’s not too weird.  Plenty of insects have small wiry hairs (just ask Seth Brundle) and tarantulas are basically covered in the stuff.  Where the insectine beasts of Shatterscale really differ is on the inside.

In addition to a very typical external skeleton, these large beast possess an internal skeleton and lungs.  Certain species (like the stagz) even rear their young… but we’ll learn more about that in a future post.  Right now, the beast on display is a personal favorite of mine.  The Trytok.

Trytok head

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2 thoughts on “First of the Insectine Beasts”

  1. The design of the Trytok is simple yet fearsome at the same time. The armor about the face looks great, and I like the design and concept of the wings. The red variant is spectacular, I imagine that the sight of one would be quite alarming amidst all the greenery.

  2. Thanks a lot 8-Bit! The red Trytok appears here and there in the series. I wanted it to stick out like a sore thumb and be this jarring color like you say, but it didn’t make sense that this forest dwelling creature would have evolved to be such a conspicuous color. So instead of it being the norm, I began to think of the red tok as a unique individual with a rare color mutation.

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