Internet is a fickle beast

I’m not sure why the starting is so difficult.

After writing an entire novel, you’d think some silly blog post would be easy-shmeasy. So why then does it feel like I’m standing on the high-dive for the first time–standing and staring down my certain and well-chlorinated doom some 2 million feet below??

Alright, you need to stow that negative stuff and stow it now. Stop procrastinating and JUMP. Here goes…

Dear Internet,
My name is Steve. I generally like things more with extra cheese.
I also wrote a book.  The book is done.

Okay, that was terrible.  Really, really bad.  Now Internet is gonna think that this book you so casually mentioned is some sort of “comedy thing”–and WHERE DID THAT LINE ABOUT THE CHEESE COME FROM?!?!?

C’mon man pull it together. Just be straight with Internet. No matter what you come up with here, Internet is either going to keep scrolling or it isn’t… and there’s no use in worrying which of those it’ll be because Internet, she is a fickle beast.


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