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Better Author Bio:

Steve Van Samson is  the author of the vampires in Africa series “Predator World”. His writing tends to be on the pulpy sideintermingling genres like horror, dystopian with dark fantasy and adventure. He believes that character is king and there should always be little seeds planted between the lines, that the reader will only discover in subsequent readings.

When not tapping the keys on his Chromebook, Steve writes and records classic heavy metal, appears on the odd podcast and watches entirely too many black and white monster films.

Steve lives in Lancaster, Massachusetts with three amazing girls and one smallish dragon.

Steve’s Amazon Author Central Page

Books by Steve:

The Bone Eater King
Tear Sheet







Steve across the web:

Author Central Page
Cinema Knife Fight (Home of Steve’s vintage review column Monochrome Manor)
•  Enchanted Exile (Steve’s classic heavy metal band)
•  VortexDesigns (Steve’s RedBubble store)
•  Retro Ridoctopus (Podcast on Boss Rush Mode’s channel)

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