The Terror That Whispers

When crafting these wacky insectine beasts, I gleefully did so knowing that most people flat out don’t like bugs.   I felt that this would, by and large, prevent these creatures from becoming sympathetic, so that even the most animal loving readers would be able to get behind a race of hunters that actually HUNTED THINGS.

That said, I always thought bugs were “pretty cool”.

For the trytok, I took my love of rhinoceros beetles and and my favorite dinosaur (the triceratops) and blended them into a slow-witted but noble beast.  Something that would rather flee than fight, but could be dangerous when cornered.   But not all creatures hunted by the Pangols are herbivores.  So I started thinking about other insects that I could adapt.  Specifically ones that would inspire fear…

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First of the Insectine Beasts

Here is where I will be adding all manner of of gigantic bugs for your viewing pleasure.  But these aren’t exactly BUGS, at least not as we know them.  “INSECTINE BEASTS” is the blanket term I use in my writing because these creatures are insect-LIKE.  They possess numerous similarities with the insects of our word, but they also share certain mammalian traits as well.

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