Primeval Beginnings

The genesis of a thing can be weird.  Sometimes where you end up is nowhere near where you might have imagined.

FAST FACT #1: My book has a name.  It is named “Broken Guardian” and that is its name.

Took me a while to write the darn thing, but hey… it’s done now and I’m feeling good.  Funny thing though, the earliest version of my weird concept of humanoid pangolins who stalked a great forest world whilst hunting gargantuan insects was never intended to be a novel at all.   After coming up with the initial concept in 2004, I fully intended my main protagonist Tangle to be the hero of a Playstation 2 (state of the art in 2004), third person action video game which I called “Primeval”.

FAST FACT #2: This original title was one that I loved initially but eventually parted with after coming to think of it as too generic.  So “Primeval” became “Shatterscale”–which in turn became the blanket series title after I realized just how big the story needed to be.

Anyway, back to video games.  I had a ton of ideas for levels and game-play mechanics for this thing!  My favorite was the idea that when up on the cold, cold Silver Mountain (a location that fully survived the test of time btw)  the controls for the player would start to become less and less responsive, making the level difficult in a really unique way.  In my initial fervor for the idea of a Primeval game, I had even picked out a company that I felt would be perfect to make the darn thing!

*COUGH! Naughty Dog *COUGH!

The idea felt about as right as a thing can feel for a while, but as time went on, the idea of a video game began to seem like MISSION: IMPROBABLE.  Not only was I not a programmer, but I had no idea how to break into the industry or if developers even welcomed things like “pitches”.  And so it was, for the next 6 years, the concept of  “Primeval” sort of hibernated on a shelf in my brain (for in my brain there are many shelves).

FAST FACT #3: Ever since I was a kid, I have never had trouble coming up with ideas for characters and various hi-jinx for them to get into.  It was always one of my “things”.

That said, I never really wrote any of them down before.  Okay sure, I did a serialized comic strip for two years in college that four people read–but for the most part I would just come up with these “ideas” and then recite them aloud to various ear-having friends–maybe draw some pictures and end the day feeling like that was pretty much that.

Then, around 2011, a strange concept occurred to me…

I realized that if I began to write stuff down, then “ideas” could become something called a STOW-REE–which by the way, would in turn make me what they call… a RYE-TERR.

Seriously, I’m telling you it took until I hit 30 before the concept of me being a writer of stories which might eventually be turned into “books” even entered my head–but when it finally did, I liked it.

I liked it very much.

So (since I belong to that group of humans that just don’t get any younger) I decided to grab the bull by the horns, and give it hell.  Vowing to waste not one second more, I woke up that slumbering primeval beast while on vacation with my then super awesome girlfriend (now super awesome wife).  I walked right into the Rite-Aid in Lincoln, NH… purchased the most  appropriate notebook I could find and began to feverishly scribble down a slew of “ideas” which had been laying dormant for the past 6 years.


Hey, isn’t Reduce supposed to come first?

It’s funny to look at that first page now, but there’s actually a lot in there that made it into my completed novel.  This stuff was raw–in dire need of expanding and technically, as I read it now, I don’t know whether to smile or be embarrassed for myself!  But hey… even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step–am I right?  And that’s exactly what writing this book has felt like. 

An 11 year journey.


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