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Realistic Fake Nature

When laying the ground work for this series, I decided early on to go about things logically–or rather biologically.  My mantra when coming up with some weird new aspect of the world was to force myself to answer “BECAUSE WHY” instead of constantly relying on “JUST BECAUSE”.

In other words… if I wanted a tree or creature to look a certain way, then it had to look that way for a reason.  Waffle-birds with sails on their backs?  COOL.  But why are these birds waffle-shaped?  What do they prey upon?  And why the heck do they have  sails on their backs?  Maybe the sail helps them regulate their body temperature?  Or perhaps the creatures can flush blood into the sail for an impressive mating display?  Basically, if I could explain the feature away as a logical adaptation that evolution may have granted the “whatever”, then it could stay.  If not–if I just liked it JUST BECAUSE but it felt too fantastical… it had to go.

NOTE: There are no sail bearing waffle-birds in “Shatterscale”.

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