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Steve Van Samson is the author of the yet unpublished Shatterscale series of books.

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959)

a review by Steve Van Samson


Though not exactly a forgotten classic, THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE does have quite a few things going for it (not the least of which being that wicked title).

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The Terror That Whispers

When crafting these wacky insectine beasts, I gleefully did so knowing that most people flat out don’t like bugs.   I felt that this would, by and large, prevent these creatures from becoming sympathetic, so that even the most animal loving readers would be able to get behind a race of hunters that actually HUNTED THINGS.

That said, I always thought bugs were “pretty cool”.

For the trytok, I took my love of rhinoceros beetles and and my favorite dinosaur (the triceratops) and blended them into a slow-witted but noble beast.  Something that would rather flee than fight, but could be dangerous when cornered.   But not all creatures hunted by the Pangols are herbivores.  So I started thinking about other insects that I could adapt.  Specifically ones that would inspire fear…

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